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Great service and the product arrived quickly.
The variety of options and the constant communication ie order received /dispatched /delivered
It's very easy and simple to use and they have a great selection of hampers
Gourmet Food Feast HamperCC61
  • Order Now - Free UK Delivery - Next Day Or Named Day
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  • Roast Ham, Australian Shiraz, Cheese, Crackers, Condiments & More!
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Gourmet Food Feast Hamper

Free UK Delivery

Gourmet Food Feast Hamper

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67 review(s)

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Surprise them with this delicious food feast hamper. A firm favourite that combines delicious premium-roast ham, red wine, award-winning cheddar & red Leicester cheeses with other gourmet delights presented in a gift basket, perfect for Sunday lunch!

Key Features
  • Order Now - Free UK Delivery - Next Day Or Named Day
  • Send To Yourself Or Recipient - Free Personal Gift Message Included
  • Roast Ham, Australian Shiraz, Cheese, Crackers, Condiments & More!
  • Thoughtfully Hand Packed In An Open Gift Basket
  • Free Email Alert When Your Recipient Receives Their Hamper

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  • Gift Includes
    All items included in this gift are shown below. Props may not be included unless shown here.
    75cl Rosemount Diamond Selection Shiraz 2018
    75cl Rosemount Diamond Selection Shiraz... Bold fruit senses driven with passion. Long lasting finish.
    More Info
    130g Cartwright and Butler Cheese Flatbreads
    130g Cartwright and Butler Cheese... Our flatbreads need to be several things. Flat, being the most obvious but it also needs...
    More Info
    45g Artisan Smoked Cheese Crackers
    45g Artisan Smoked Cheese Crackers Ford Farm's Dorset Red cheese has been smoked over oak for the dark, mellow flavour in...
    More Info
    Scarlett & Mustard Ploughmans Pickle 125g
    Scarlett & Mustard Ploughmans Pickle... A traditional British relish made with root vegetables, ginger, dates and mustard seeds....
    More Info
    125g Scarlett and Mustard Wholegrain Mustard
    125g Scarlett and Mustard Wholegrain... Naturally made wholegrain mustard from Scarlett & Mustard. Just add meats, dressings or...
    More Info
    Snowdonia Cheese Co Black Bomber 200g
    Snowdonia Cheese Co Black Bomber 200g Where Cheddars are concerned, this multi-award winning Black Bomber is a modern classic....
    More Info
    Snowdonia Cheese Company Red Storm 200g
    Snowdonia Cheese Company Red Storm 200g The perfect addition to a cheese board, this award winning Vintage Red Leicester Cheese...
    More Info
    Roast Smoked Belgian Ham 700g
    Roast Smoked Belgian Ham 700g Delicious Belgian ham smothered in honey and roasted to perfection.
    More Info
  • Independent Product Reviews From Reviews.co.uk
    Our son said he really enjoyed the food etc in hamper.Cheeses and ham were very nice
    pat killeen - 26 March 2019
    Absolutely fantastic from purchase to delivery and consuming A+++
    Stuart Redpath - 19 February 2019
    lovely! Great service.
    Darnell Moses - 19 February 2019
    Bought this for my Mums birthday. She loved it
    jean m mchugh mchugh - 01 February 2019
    Recipients were delighted with the contents of their hamper.
    Ronald HUNT - 02 January 2019
    Lovely basket that our friends enjoyed and were very impressed! Quick delivery as promised!
    Nanette Estrada - 02 January 2019
    I have already written a review
    Olivia Lybbe-Simms - 28 December 2018
    My son was happy with the basket.
    Michelle Henna - 27 December 2018
    I have already done a review
    Olivia Lybbe-Simms - 27 December 2018
    Simply superb
    Leo Paul - 17 December 2018
    I live in California and I have friends that live near Brighton. They said they really liked the food. I got tired of spending a fortune on high postage fees. This was so convenient. I will do this again.
    Beverly Sherman - 24 January 2018
    Service was excellent People I sent them to loved them, Thank you
    Lynn Henshaw - 08 January 2018
    Recipient said it was a very good hamper with good quality groceries.
    julia Allison - 08 January 2018
    All three hampers were greatly revived and loved. Thank you again, every year I use you guys
    Julia Ruane - 08 January 2018
    We sent this as a Christmas gift. It arrived a couple of days before Christmas which was great as the family could enjoy the goodies before, during, and after Christmas. They thoroughly loved it.
    John Porton - 08 January 2018
    All hampers ordered were received at expected and were as described
    JOSEPH PILARO - 08 January 2018
    Very pleased with the service and the hamper. Would possibly hope for more fo the price, but my parents are delighted!
    Robert Featherstone - 08 January 2018
    I can always rely on you sending a quality Hamper to my Relatives in the Uk . Thank you so much It was much appreciated
    Stella Roach - 08 January 2018
    Hamper was a gift to family member and they said it was really good and was happy with the contents.
    Lorraine Upham - 08 January 2018
    This is the second Xmas I have used your Company to deliver a hamper to my son in the UK. Both times the hampers have been exactly as ordered and they have been delighted with selection i have chosen. Would highly recommend
    Jenny McKay - 08 January 2018
    Used this company on Several occasions and the quality is exellent and they always get it there on time
    simon lewis - 08 January 2018
    The hamper was well received and special mention made of the cheese and ham.
    Vernie Stilwell - 08 January 2018
    All as expected.
    Arwinder Juj - 08 January 2018
    Lots of variety
    Jayne Irish - 08 January 2018
    Hamper arrived as promised within the time frame as it had perishable goods. Always a pleasure to receive a text from my Mum & Dad over the other side of the world about their excitement on receiving it. Very prompt service as well as prompt reply to query about redemption of hamper points. Third year now and very happy customer.
    Judith Slattery - 08 January 2018
    I sent this hamper to Mum & Dad and they absolutely loved every bit of it. They said that it was the best hamper they have ever had. They did think that they would not like a few of the accompaniments for the ham and cheese but was pleasantly surprised. It made me very happy to know they loved it and had some nice Christmas cheer. Thank you Christine Perth Western Australia
    Christine Philp - 13 February 2017
    arrived in good time for Christmas, and mum was delighted with the contents. Job done!
    Anthony Brennan - 18 January 2017
    Easy to order, good value for money. Recipients very happy with the contents.
    Terry Newman - 18 January 2017
    Speedy delivery my mother in law was pleased with it, happy to see the good long dates as she lives alone. Good communication via email to show it had been delivered.
    Iona Murgatroyd - 18 January 2017
    The products were very good quality and presented well. Great value for money. It is good to know that when you are on the other side of the world and order something you will get what you wanted delivered when you want it and not pay the earth for it!
    Sue Christophersen - 18 January 2017
    The hamper was very well received and proved to be of high quality.
    Ross Collins - 28 December 2016
    Good quality food for the money spent.
    Pamela Barnes - 28 December 2016
    My aunt, uncle and family were extremely pleased. It was the first hamper they had ever had and thought it was wonderful. Cheers and thanks for great service! Happy Christmas. God bless. x Awesome and great value for money x
    Wendy Besley - 28 December 2016
    An excellent range oh Top Wuality Hampers, that in my experience, never fail to please
    Michael K Walker - 28 December 2016
    Living in Australia, this is the ideal gift to send back to the family for all to enjoy. Everyone loved it.
    Hannah Dick - 28 December 2016
    Excellent quality products and family received hamper as per my requirements.
    GEORGE DICKSON - 28 December 2016
    I searched for a hamper that was a good seasonal mix and value for money. This was it and thank you.
    Mike Hide - 28 December 2016
    Had feedback from the people i sent it to, it was called Boxing day feast, it was finished days before Christmas, so i guess that was pretty positive.
    Andrew Binfield - 28 December 2016
    Great quality products at a good price delivered to your home for Christmas. Everyone should buy one.
    Margaret Gray - 28 December 2016
    My in laws were beside themselves when they got this hamper full of luxury treats. Delicious wine, cherries to dip in chocolate sauce and interesting cheese. The ham was a real hit too. Great gift.
    Cathy Clipson - 28 December 2016
    The recipient was very happy
    frank olito - 28 December 2016
    This was a Xmas gift for a friend and they were blown away. So Hopefully that helps.
    Spencer Wallace - 28 December 2016
    All good quality items. The choice is up to you as there are many versions available. Ours goes to an elderly couple and it gives them treats they would not otherwise buy for themselves. The fact it comes in a lovely hamper adds to the treat.
    wilma keighley - 28 December 2016
    The cat loved the hamper. It was a perfect fit.
    Leslie Withers - 28 December 2016
    Second time I have used your service and the recipient response was good regarding the assortment and quality of the content. From the pictures they sent me I think the cheese knife may have been omitted from the hamper.
    Marlene Cooney - 28 December 2016
    superb hamper received
    Roberta Beck - 28 December 2016
    Ordered this hamper from New Zealand for various family members in the UK. All said it looked lovely and were especially complimentary about the ham.
    Raymond Pickles - 28 December 2016
    Bought two of these as gifts. Both were delivered on the right day and I've had a good report from both recipients
    Karuna Lawrence - 28 December 2016
    Value for money. Good quality products
    Helen Dominikovic - 28 December 2016
    well I can't review the Hamper, I can only say thanks for the delivery, all the Best to you all in 2017. Kind regards Marjorie (Barber)
    Marjorie Barber - 28 December 2016
    Value for money
    Marie Hoare - 28 December 2016
    I sent this to my daughter in the UK and she is thrilled. She said it was beautifully presented, it was delivered at the promised time, and the products are all good quality and looking delicious. Thank you so much. I will use you again
    Patricia Oxenbridge - 28 December 2016
    Thank you; both recipients like their hampers and they are definitely value for money as I am in Australia and they are in the UK. The hampers provided a range of items suitable for single people and something worth while that didn't need the internet or travel to organise
    Karen Wilson - 28 December 2016
    Really good service and food
    Susan H - 28 December 2016
    Very happy with the service, arrived on time and the recipients very happy with the contents.
    Penelope Furner - 28 December 2016
    We have used this site multiple times great products & great value
    Annita Shamsid-Deen - 28 December 2016
    The Hamper recipient just absolutely loved it. I've ordered a few Hampers and have always been satisfied with the quality and value of each. I will continue to order more. Thanks Hampers
    Robin Lee Maher - 28 December 2016
    Good service and good value
    frank hayward - 28 December 2016
    Lovely holiday hamper
    Amy Lloyd - 28 December 2016
    Excellent combination of products, the Australian wine was a good choice, one of the reasons I chose this particular hamper, being an Australian residence I wanted the family to sample some good wine
    Elaine Starcic - 28 December 2016
    I have sent hampers through other agencies from Australia to Scotland. This was easily the best, judging by the warm comments of the recipients. They were very enthusiastic about the contents: varied and "festive". I found the price reasonable and I will use this service again.
    John Macdonald - 28 December 2016
    I bought this for my gran, who lives a distance away. She phoned me up to say she was very impressed. It had a great selection of food and the ham was a good size. She continues to phone me with up dates on how good it all tastes, how surprised she is for tasting things she thought she wouldn't like. Thank you hamper.com
    Lesley Gow - 28 December 2016
    Mother enjoyed the hamper immensely. A nutritional hamper indeed.
    Natalie Cummings - 05 December 2016
    Recipient very happy
    Marianne Muir - 17 February 2016
    My son and daughter in law, were thrilled with their hampers
    Jan Knight - 23 December 2015
    Excellent choice, good pricing, and delivered on the date - will be opened Christmas, so cannot comment on product/value itself...... No doubt will know in a week, or so.... Thanks ML
    Michael Lanning - 23 December 2015
    Good selection of well presented quality products.
    Malcolm Graham - 21 December 2015
    4.85 out of 5 stars from 67 reviews of this product
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